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Slate roof professionals WOLLONGONG

Few building materials are more beautiful than slate. We offer slate roofing Wollongong to all local customers who are looking for the best-rated roof experts in the area.

Investing in slate roofing is a good move for many property owners, considering it can last for over a century if it is properly installed.

We’ve specialized in slate for some time now, and we’ve helped many local residents and businesses install rooves at their locations.

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If you want a roof that will last a lifetime and beyond, turn to us for the best results in the local area. To get your slate roof installed correctly, never turn to an independent contractor or DIY expert with a background in working with rooves.

Why is slate such a popular choice for roofing material?

It comes down to the fact that is naturally beautiful. This stunning material first appeared on Earth around 400-600 million years ago, and it has been utilized by humans throughout history. Most recently, it has become a popular choice for rooves, and this is because it is stunning and compliments most types of home designs and it is also resilient and is known to last well over a century—presuming it is installed correctly in the first place.

You’re going to need someone who works specifically with slate

Preferably a company that works with it every day. It needs to be installed properly, and it is quite a delicate process to do right. This is why so many businesses and homeowners in the area turn to us for help when they’re looking to make a wise investment and replace their current material with slate. It’s beautiful and it gets the job done, standing up against extreme weather, pests and insects, the sun, rain, and fire. It is a naturally resistant material that is guaranteed to protect your home even if it isn’t regularly maintained.

Type of material to consider

It is becoming more and more popular for individuals to choose this type of material, as it is becoming less expensive. For a comparatively small initial investment, you can save yourself a lifetime of roofing repair and replacement expenses. Whether you’re building a home and you need experts on hand to install roofing or you want to upgrade your current property to slate roofing, we’re more than happy to send experts to your location to get the job done quickly and get it done right.

We’re standing by to answer any questions you have.

For more information along with a free quote, please call us now! Because slate lasts for such a long time, it is an environmentally friendly material. There are a ton of tiles, shingles, and other roofing material in landfills, so why not choose an alternative to other materials that is guaranteed to last a lifetime and beyond? Call us for a no-cost quote with no obligation to purchase and compare our rates to other rates in the area!

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Welsh Penrhyn roofing slate sets the benchmark for all natural roofing slates, and we are proud to offer this option amongst our range of quality roofing options. For more information or an obligation free quote, call our friendly team today!

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Our owner Damian Hand has over 26 years experience in slate roofing and shingling in Sydney. He is also on the Executive Committee of the Master Tilers and Slaters Association of NSW and Roofing Industry Association of NSW. Before you decide who does your slate roofing, ask your contractor

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