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Welsh Penrhyn Slate

Welsh Penrhyn Slate

Meet Our Owner Damian Hand

Mr Shingles is a highly regarded name in Sydney’s roofing and shingling industry, providing varieties including natural roofing and Welsh Penrhyn slate for over 40 years. With over 25 years of experience in slate roofing and shingling, professional contractor Damian Hand decided to branch out into his own company. Since the establishment of business over four decades ago, Mr Shingles has built a reputation as the most reliable and professional roofing provider in the Sydney area. Based in Earlwood, Damian opened Mr Shingles intending to provide high-quality slate that sets the benchmark. Damian is also an executive committee of the Master Tilers and Slaters Association of NES and Roofing Industry of NSW. With a commitment to providing high-quality roofing slate in mind, he is proud to offer Welsh Penrhyn Slate as a part of his extensive natural slate roofing range.

How We Set The Benchmark In Roofing And Tiling

At Mr Shingles, we have over 25 years providing clients with high-quality Welsh Penrhyn slate. Setting the benchmark for all natural roofing slates, Welsh Penrhyn slate was established over 400 years ago at one of the finest slate deposits in the world, Welsh Slate. Formed millions of years ago, Penrhyn Slate exists as one of the more durable minerals on the planet. Praised for durability and sleek look, this form of slate is the ideal roofing solution due to its numerous practical qualities. The benefits of Penrhyn Slate include its water impermeability, resistance to UV light, colour retention, acid, and chemical resistance, building material compatibility and inflammability. Despite its extensive lists of beneficial properties, this roofing material remains cost-effective. Not only is it cost-effective to install, but it will also help you save funds in the long run due to its low maintenance nature.

Welsh Penrhyn Slate
Welsh Penrhyn Slate

We Provide Welsh Penrhyn Slate & More

While Welsh Penrhyn Slate is the preferred roofing material of many builders and architects, we also provide a range of other options.

  • Spanish Slate:With a timelessly beautiful finish and an elegant form, Spanish Slate is a popular natural slate alternative that is known to last a hundred years. With the majority of the world’s slate quarried in Spain, Spanish slate is a well-founded and popular material praised for its versatility.
  • Asphalt Slate:If you are looking for a cost-effective slate alternative, Asphalt Slate is the choice for you. With a variety of shapes and colours available to choose from, Asphalt Slate can be customised into the perfect roofing solution for you.
  • Eternit Roofing Slate:Lightweight and easy to install, Eternit Roofing Slate is also hailed for its affordability. Manufactured using a combination of fibres and cement, this alternative will give off the look of genuine slate whilst remaining cost-effective.
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With quality and affordability at the forefront of our mission, Mr Shingles is the Welsh Penrhyn slate roofing company that Sydney trusts. If you are looking for a reliable slate roofing contractor to work on your residential or commercial project, contact us on (02) 9559 1737 for your free quote.

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Our owner Damian Hand has over 26 years experience in slate roofing and shingling in Sydney. He is also on the Executive Committee of the Master Tilers and Slaters Association of NSW and Roofing Industry Association of NSW. Before you decide who does your slate roofing, ask your contractor

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