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Natural Roofing Slate

Natural Roofing Slate

Natural Roofing Slate from the Industry Specialists

Natural roofing slate has been widely used across Australian since the 19th century, growing in popularity since its introduction to the South Australian market in 1840. In short, it’s a fine-grained rock formed by sedimentary clay deposits in ancient seas.

It’s renowned for durability, with a non-porous nature that prevents moisture from impacting the structural integrity of the product. The density of the element also helps with thermal control, optimising energy efficiency in your home. Furthermore, this alternative is completely fire-resistant which is ideal for residencies in bushfire-prone areas.

Our team at Mr Shingles recommend natural roofing slate if you’re after the most sustainable roofing solution, with an expected lifespan of over 100 years. Our slate retains its natural aesthetic while requiring very little maintenance—deeming it a selection that’s well worth the investment. The results are even better when your slate is installed by our highly trained roofing professionals!

Leading the Mr Shingles Team

Now the industry’s leading supplier of natural roofing slate, the successful reputation of Mr Shingles is largely attributed to the knowledge and dedication of the company’s owner, Damian Hand.

Damian has over 26 years of experience in the field. He continues to advance his methods and expertise through industry involvement as Executive Committee for the peak organisation in our field: Master Tilers & Slaters Association of NSW.

Having worked with a wide range of premium-grade slate alternatives, we’re confident that we can deliver a tailored solution that meets both your budget and style expectations. We also offer the full scope of slate repair services to patch up any that have been damaged over time!

Our team are happy to travel right across the board, widening accessibility to premium slating services. This includes the Blue Mountains, through to the Central Coast and even all the way to Canberra.

Natural Roofing Slate
Natural Roofing Slate

Slate Varieties

In addition to our natural roofing slate, we have a range of more affordable product alternatives. We understand that while natural slate is among the most high-performing and naturally aesthetic options, it’s not necessarily the most affordable on the market. So, some of our more affordable alternatives to natural roofing slate include:

Asphalt slate: This is a fantastic alternative to natural slate, offering the flexibility to customise your roof to suit your home exterior. It comes in a variety of different colours and styles which our professionals will be happy to walk you through! Asphalt is also a lightweight, yet resilient material that comes with economical benefits.

Shakes & shingles: Shakes and shingles are one of the oldest forms of roofing to date, available in either softwood or hardwood timber. The main difference between the two is the finish, but both products are renowned for sustainability.

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Are you exploring the range of options for your new and improved roofing? The professionals at Mr Shingles will take you through a variety of premium-grade solutions that fit within your budget. Whether it’s natural roofing slate or timber shakes & shingles, we have you covered! Call us on 0418 402 498 or send us your enquiries.

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Our owner Damian Hand has over 26 years experience in slate roofing and shingling in Sydney. He is also on the Executive Committee of the Master Tilers and Slaters Association of NSW and Roofing Industry Association of NSW. Before you decide who does your slate roofing, ask your contractor

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